November 25, 2010

Do You Really Need Anti-Virus Software?

It’s better to have security or anti-virus software on your computer, even if it ends up never removing any infections because if you don’t have the protection, how will you know you’re infected at all? You won’t, even on a Mac.
Following safe computing habits is important, which include only visiting reputable websites, avoid downloading and installing programs you’re not familiar with, file sharing, and apply Windows Updates as they are released the second Tuesday of every month.
Some security and anti-virus products can be overzealous. If that’s the case, it could prevent you from doing simple things like accessing other shared files on the network, performing other tasks, or even accessing the internet itself. It’s best to do your research before using any product.
If you’re unsure, contact a Nerd! We’re happy to answer any questions and can help on-site or remotely!
Ed Bott of ZDNet recently wrote a column about why computer need to have anti-virus software, in combination with taking other measures to protect your computer’s health, and the related frustrations that he has with security companies pushing fear, uncertainty, and doubt in their efforts to get you to use their products. He makes some very good points.

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