Many of Our Nerds Now Have Mobile Websites! Have You Checked Them Out?
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Many of our Nerds around the world have had mobile websites created for themselves in recent weeks, making it easier than ever for our clients and people in our communities to quickly and easi…

Thursday twitter outage – AM1290 news interview
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Here’s what I shared with Steve in the Morning on AM1290 CJBK this morning during a telephone interview.

How to always have milk in the fridge

Kids are in bed. You’re in your comfy clothes. You open the fridge and you’re out of milk. Time to get dressed and walk, bike or drive to get some milk, or else set the alarm 15 mi…

Stealing is Dangerous – why Apple in-app purchases should not be stolen

The Apple AppStore offers thousands of free apps. Many developers offer in-app purchases for extra functions. The system isn’t perfect because if you make an in-app purchase on one devic…

URL Whitelisting for GoToMeeting
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More and more of our clients use white-listing at kiosk or retail sales floor environments as a method of preventing access to the wide open Internet, and thereby reducing the risk of maliciou…

Every Yacht needs WiFi – just like Bluenose II
Fun Stuff

Of course our team is proud (Mauricio D and Jonathan L from Nova Scotia) to have installed WiFi on this gorgeous yacht – the Bluenose II And we thank our client, of course, for the busin…

Ottawa Commercial Painters

Take a look at this site we’ve done a couple months back we forgot to share – Ottawa Commercial Painters. Client approached us because they had very low SEO value on their site and…

Tired of password breaches yet? 5 steps to Peace of Mind
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With the most recent password breach at Yahoo barely a month since the LinkedIn password leak, it seems a regular occurrence now – is there anyone left who has NOT had a username/passwor…

Check if your Internet access will work on Monday
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      As in our interview this morning on AM1290 CJBK, listeners are interested in finding out if they have an infection of malware called DNSChanger. Click this link below if y…