January 24, 2012
Niles Nerd

Worthy Ideals

The progressive realization of a worthy ideal – this is the definition of success, by one of the great masters. In fact, you can listen to him live… well, not live, recorded – The Strangest Secret (by Earl Nightingale). I highly recommend you find it – it’s available online. But the progressive realization of a worthy ideal is the statement of (definition of) success.
When you take a look at the end of some days – and we all have these kinds of days – you wonder/shake your head, looking at the tally, saying “This?… this was the worthy ideal I was progressing towards/I was realizing today?” It’s not always the case, but one thing to always keep in mind is “greater good, long term”. The “greater good, long term” is what should help us define and devise today’s tactic and strategy.
There’s a wonderful story about three little fellas out in the snow, freshly fallen. Here we have some freshly fallen snow here from last night. One of them started a challenge to the others – “I can walk a straighter line than you!
Boys – you know (boys), they have to have competition built into almost everything. So there he is, looking straight down, heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe. And his buddy watches – “a little crooked.” He says “I can do better.” So, he’s walking beside the heel-toe, heel-toe line, and he does a little better job – he takes longer strides.
The third little boy, without much in the way of “fanfare”, starts his line. What he does is he looks across the field of freshly fallen snow, spies a light post, looks at it – and it alone – and begins to walk. And of course, you know, who had the straighter line? It was in fact the little fella that was looking up, straight ahead, focused on something in the distance.
“Greater good, long term” will help – I hope – make some of those decisions of the “What I could do today”… what I need to start, and what I need to stop.
The progressive realization of a worthy ideal. My best wishes in the pursuit of this!
Good planting! Good harvesting! Good day!

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