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One of our Nerds, Kevin O’Reilly, sent this email out to Nerds worldwide on a phishing scam making the rounds…
“I found an E-mail in our Nerds Spam filtering system last night that I found interesting, so I released it to investigate. While this E-mail looks VERY legit, it is NOT! Just delete the E-mail, and DO NOT click on any of the links in the E-mail!
It appears to come from “Best Buy Subscription Software”, and looks VERY real. I confirmed the 1-888-BESTBUY is the correct number on the Best Buy web site (US site). All the links in the E-mail go to a New Zealand web site though.
I personally called Best Buy to alert them/confirm details …they did seem surprised a Nerd was calling to help them investigate! ;).
Best Buy is aware of the issue, and confirmed they are investigating as well. The “Best Buy Serial Number” is the same in all E-mails, as far as they are aware.
This E-mail is a fake, and NOT from Best Buy. Just delete it, and DO NOT click on any links.”

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