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Virus Removal
London, Ontario

London, Ontario’s one-stop tech rescue shop! Whether you’re faced with a virus, malware, or any other tech nightmare – we’ve got your back. Our friendly and experienced team of technicians will come directly to you, at home or on-site, to perform the necessary virus and malware removals.

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Virus Removal

Our tech experts are well-trained, knowledgeable and experienced, able to fix your security issues efficiently. We will diagnose and remove the virus quickly and safely – no more worries or nasty surprises in store for your hardware or software.

Our Nerds are passionate about their work, offering prompt assistance and efficient service. Their breadth of knowledge is backed by years of experience, so you’ll always be in good hands when working with us.

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Malware Removal

We provide the highest quality malware removal services so you can feel confident knowing your digital privacy is secure. Our professional Nerds are knowledgeable in the latest techniques and use only best-in-class tools to ensure maximum security.

Plus, our team is available seven days a week with flexible hours so that you don’t have to wait long for help when needed most.

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Computer Clean-up

Our certified tech experts will come to your home or business, quickly diagnose any problems you may have, and provide prompt and professional repairs.

Whether it’s a slow start-up time, an outdated software issue, or malicious software that’s causing the problem, our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to take care of it efficiently.

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Tech Recovery

We understand how severe the consequences can be when it comes to falling victim to a tech event. Your security—and peace of mind—should never be taken for granted.

That’s why we offer specialized recovery services for Windows PC’s, Apple Mac devices and cell phones. Our highly skilled technicians can restore your system back to normal functioning in minimal time!

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Anti-Virus & Security

We know how important network security and protecting your vulnerable devices is in today’s world – from home computers to business professionals to consumer devices – everyone needs cybersecurity assurance.

Our anti-virus and security services are the perfect solution to protect the data, documents, and information that is important to you. 

Nerds On Site London, Ontario

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Nerds On Site London Reviews

4.84 / 5 Satisfaction rating based on 17,000 + reviews

My Nerd resolved all my computer and mobile phone issues. He was technically competent and provided several tips that I will use in the future. I was hacked and my Nerd put my mind at ease. I would use your services in the future.!”

Nerds On Site

David D

London, ON

My Nerd went above and beyond the technical help he was hired to do. Our computer was serviced by Randall and the process was explained clearly. He also installed our Ignite to one of our TVs. Plus re-installed a camera by Telus Security. We cannot say enough how pleased we are with our Nerd and we will pass his company and name to our friends and acquainted. He has represented your company in the highest manner

Sheena M

London, ON

“Our Nerd was quite professional and came in and went right to work. He explained in terms that we could understand (I’m not computer savvy) lol. He gave some recommendations which we appreciated. Would recommend our Nerd for sure!!

Nerds On Site

Mary F

London, ON

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