Helping the Lighthouse Food Bank in Nova Scotia

Last Saturday, our Nova Scotia team got together at the Chester Price Chopper and held a  Fill the Beetle…Feed the People event.  Our team collected food and donations for the Lighthouse Food Bank, and our team was able to deliver the single largest donation the Lighthouse Food Bank has seen in 30+ years!  Thanks to the great people of Chester that helped make this happen!

$1 Protects the Rights of Immigrants and their Children

“Some children will come to the US, seeking to reunite themselves with their mother. The child comes and realizes the mother is in an abusive situation. The girls can become sexual abused. the girl doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t speak the language. Then they find they’re completely alone in this country.”

Today’s Philanthroper charity protects immigrant rights within the legal system.  They actually work with law enforcement and other agencies to help immigrants who are stuck in particularly hard situations.  Learn more about how you can help:

Did you hear about Regretsy?

Apparently a website called regretsy collected a lot of money in donations from their site visitors, with all the money going towards buying toys for children this season.  Unfortunately, Regretsy used PayPal to collect and payout the funds, and PayPal decided that their actions weren’t worthy of a charity status.  Not only did PayPal charge fees on all the monies collected, they then froze the funds and refused to return the fees!  WOW!  Read about it here: and here:

We’d love to hear your suggestions for a good online payment system that our team could use to collect donations for our charitable causes.

Fill the Beetle…Feed the People in Lethbridge

The Lethbridge POD

The Lethbridge POD

The Lethbridge POD just finished a successful Fill the Beetle…Feed the People event, held at the Real Canadian SuperStore.  Their team raised $180.75 in cash for the Lethbridge Food Bank, and also filled one Beetle’s trunk full of food for the Lethbridge Food Bank.  Thanks for all the GREAT people of Lethbridge that turned out to help, and to the Lethbridge SuperStore for letting our team use your space!