Ubiquiti Support Services for Your Business

Does your business need help setting up and managing a new Wi-Fi system with Ubiquiti? Nerds On Site offers comprehensive Ubiquiti support services to help your company stay online.

Many companies will turn to Ubiquiti when it comes to setting up a new managed Wi-Fi system for their business, especially in remote regions and emerging markets. However, managing a relationship with Ubiquiti can be a complex affair. If anything goes wrong, your entire network can go offline. Nerds On Site offers a range of Ubiquiti support services to help meet the needs of your company. Our Ubiquiti Support Services include:

  • Identify the goals of your business and its plans to setup a managed Wi-Fi system
  • Correspond between your company and Ubiquiti to ensure a reliable internet connection for you and your team
  • Help responding to issues regarding your wireless connection and your Ubiquiti account
  • Install and setup your Ubiquiti equipment and new Wi-Fi network

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Keep Your Company Connected and Online with Ubiquiti Support Services.

To begin the process, Nerds On Site will identify your business’s goals with regard to setting up a new Wi-Fi network. We will help you manage your relationship with Ubiquiti to ensure that all your needs are met. Once the equipment arrives, Nerds On Site will be there to install and setup the new Wi-Fi network and help you and your team members stay online. If your company runs into any issues with your new Wi-Fi network, Nerds On Site will help you resolve the issue as fast as possible to ensure maximum connectivity and optimal network performance.