NerdsBackup makes instant online backups whenever your computer files change.

Our easy-to-use software continuously monitors your selected files, backing them up whenever they change.

You’ll probably never notice that it’s running. Backups only happen when your MAC/PC is idle. Backups automatically pause when the mouse or keyboard is used.

Don’t worry if your backup gets interrupted. It will resume later on, picking up exactly where it left off.

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Personal Plans

  • Perfect for home users
  • One small yearly price
  • Unlimited data

Office Plans

  • Perfect for businesses
  • Pricing to fit your needs
  • Unlimited workstations and server options
  • Shared data among all the machines



Backup work station comparison


Backup server comparison

Customer Testimonials

From our clients and nerds…

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As a Carbonite reseller, our clients enjoy the benefits of:

  • Carbonite’s strong brand and award winning software
  • Our nerds to help you install and setup the software
  • Unlimited data backup on the personal software
  • Leading features in Pro and Server software
  • US based, 7 days a week support – Need Help?

… and more. Contact your local nerd or contact us and we can help.

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