Managed IT Support For Your Raleigh Business

Don’t let your Raleigh business struggle with IT issues. Hire Nerds On Site as your 24/7 IT specialists and cut technology costs by up to 50%.

Get an entire IT professional network at your fingertips with Nerds On Site.

Connect with Nerds On Site and a real, live, and local Nerd will answer and speak to you about the tech problem you’re experiencing right now.

Have a tech issue? Book a free technology assessment or call us at

Speak to a live, local Nerd to arrange a free, comprehensive technology assessment.
A Nerd (or 2!) can either come to your business or work remotely to analyze your network, workstations, backup systems, infrastructure, and more.
We give you a custom technology report with our assessment and key suggestions for improvements. We’ll even give you optimization tips.

Nerds On Site is a managed service provider for

Raleigh businesses of all sizes.

This includes:



  • Managed IT Services

    We will oversee aspects of your computer operations to improve efficiency.

  • IT Consulting

    Get the advice and guidance your business needs to navigate the challenges that come along with running a digital infrastructure.

  • Onsite IT Support

    We provide 24/7 support for all IT needs. Having an experienced local Nerd on call provides fast response time.

  • IT Outsourcing

    Resolve technical issues and prevent system downtime without hiring a full-time, in-house employee.

Cost Comparison

If you’ve considered hiring an employee to handle daily IT hassles, you’ve likely considered the costs. Compare that annual employee salary with the NerdCare fees, and it becomes quite obvious that we’ll save you some serious coin. That’s ¢ents and sensibility!

In-house IT Specialists

icon silhouette

Networks Administrator

$58,984 ($30.29/hr)

2012 National Average

icon silhouette

Computer Technician

$48,254 ($24.13/hr)

2012 National Average

Additional Cost Considerations

  • CCP, UI, Vacation Pay, Sick Days
  • Hardware/Software Replacement costs
  • Offsite Backup service costs
  • Remote Monitoring costs
  • Employee Training and Skill Upgrading
  • Transition and training costs in the event that an IT employee moves on

NerdCare Managed Service

All-Inclusive NerdCare Save 25-40%

As a business grows, and becomes more and more dependent on technology, IT support and direction become critical. * Sample rate – varies with company size

Included with NerdCare

  • No Additional employee carrying costs
  • Server/Workstation/Laptop hardware & software included and replaced every 3 years!
  • Offsite Backup costs included
  • Remote Monitoring costs included
  • Ability to draw from world-wide team & bring in experts on any issue
  • We will never resign

Top 10 reasons why Raleigh businesses are choosing Nerds On Site as their managed service provider

Get fast solutions.

Without hiring full-time IT professionals.

Retain top employees.

Save time spent on recruitment and training because internal systems function.

Restore team morale.

Fix inefficient IT issues and boost profits.

Protect proprietary data.

Secure your systems and information even when employees leave the company.

Solve tech problems.

No more over-explaining to someone who only uses tech-speak.

Predictable IT costs.

No more unexpected technology costs cutting into revenue.

Fix critical business processes.

Stop hearing the IT team blame software, hardware, users.

Reliable, 24/7 Managed
 Service Provider.

Tech issues aren’t abandoned by 5:00 departures or vacations.

Renew customers' faith.

Deliver to expectations with technology that doesn’t prevent the team from performing.

Best-in-class workplace.

Your company is on top because the network is reliable and secure.

Grow Your Local Raleigh Business by Hiring Nerds On Site as your Managed IT Service Provider

Raleigh has become the leading destination for startups in NC. In addition to that, Raleigh is also home to some major technology companies with thousands of employees. If you’re in the Raleigh area in North Carolina, Nerds On Site can help you grow and scale your business faster than anyone.
As a proud member of the Raleigh business community you are all too aware of the impact that faulty tech systems can have on your productivity. When you need help, you need it now. And we’ve got the Nerd for the job. We’ll connect you with a locally-based Raleigh Nerd IT specialist who will be available to you 24/7. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from hiring Nerds On Site as your Raleigh managed services provider.

We also service local businesses in and around Raleigh.