Total Cyber Protection for SMEs

– Eliminate Phishing Threats (even when phished!)
– Stop Ransomware from Executing
– Become invisible to Cyber Surveillance

– Secure your Email
– Secure your Devices
– Protect your Client’s Data
– Control 100% of the Traffic on Your Network

All-In-One Protection for Small and Medium Enterprises – The Most Common Target of Cyber Criminals.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let cybercriminals destroy it.

Traditonal security is no longer effective against today’s more sophisticated attacks.

Our patented ZERO-TRUST connectivity (ZTc) solution protects in a way that others can’t – by eliminating cybercrime command-control (C2) communication.

SME Edge

Security That Works

Over 3,000,000

Protected Devices

Over 100,000,000

Threats Stopped



Computer Repair London Ontario

Fully Managed Security and More:

• Fully Managed via Remote Connection
• Built-in Redundancy Overcomes Internet Outages
• Stay Online During Power Outages
• Emergency 24/7 Critical Response Included
• Automatic Configuration Backups
• Segmented Network for Increased Security
• Up-time/SLA Guarantee

• One Simple Monthly Fee, Starting From $399

SME Edge + Nerd Support

Protect every aspect of your business:

Your Team
– Password Strength and Policies
– Security Awareness Training (SAT)
– Securely onboarding and offbaarding team members

Your Devices
– Access only what is essential to the role of the device
– Customize rulesets to fit each device’s role
– Security on the go for mobile devices

Your Data
– Protect against lost or stolen devices
– Protect data when at rest, and in transit.

Your Communications
– Secure your company email from spoofing and email attacks

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