Total Cyber Protection for Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

All-In-One Protection for SMEs

  • Eliminate phishing threats (even when phished!)
  • Stop ransomware from spreading through your network and devices.
  • Become invisible to cyber surveillance.
  • Secure your email spoofing & business email compromise.
  • Secure your devices from external connections and internal threats.
  • Protect your Client’s data
  • Control 100% of the traffic on your network

Over 3,000,000

Protected Devices

Over 100,000,000

Threats Stopped



Protect Every Aspect Of Your Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let cyber-criminals destroy it. Traditional security is no longer effective against today’s more sophisticated attacks.

Our patented ZERO-TRUST connectivity (ZTc) solution protects in a way that others can’t – by eliminating cyber-crime command-control (C2) communication.

IT Projects

Your Team:

  • Password Strength and Policies
  • Security Awareness Training (SAT)
  • Securely on-boarding and off-boarding team members
IT Projects

Your Devices

  • Access only what is essential to the role of the device
  • Customize rule-sets to fit each device’s role
  • Security on the go for mobile devices
IT Projects

Your Data

  • Protect against lost or stolen devices
  • Allow only trusted connections internally or from the outside.
IT Projects

Your Communications

  • Secure your company email from spoofing and email attacks

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Secure Your Business Today With The SME Edge

You’re busy running your business and the last thing you want to worry about is whether your data is safe. The Nerds On Site team understands this and have created a solution just for SMEs like yours. With our SME Edge Cyber Protection, you can be assured that your data is well-protected.


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You May Have Been Breached and Don’t Know It

Among other sobering findings, a 2021 Report on “The Cost of a Data Breach” released by IBM states that the average time it takes a business to discover and address a breach is 287 days.

In an alarming number of occasions during a security audit, we find systems that have already been compromised. At this point, we deploy our 3-phase Incident Response Protocol designed to stop attacks before any real damage occurs. We have helped numerous companies mitigate the damage and potentially crippling costs of such attacks.

Check out this case study to see our Incident Response Protocol in action.