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We don’t charge by the hour, only be the solution.

All technology is different, so to provide you with an accurate assessment of your technology needs, you can request a free no-obligation estimate below, and one of our expert certified technicians will quickly reach out.


What Makes Us Different

Here’s a short list of what matters to us and what makes Clients love us so much

We charge by the 'Solution' - Never by the hour

We speak normal speak, not "nerd talk"

The knowledge and experience of a global team

Client satisfaction always comes first

Client Reviews

A 96.6% Satisfaction rating based on 101,000 + reviews

“I appreciated your patience, for this was a long session. But you got done with a complex document backup process and did it well. The Windows 11 reinstallation also went well. And I enjoyed getting to know our nerd!”

Peter H

Residential Client

“I appreciate that your first action is to try to connect me with ‘my’ Nerd. I didn’t wait too long for a call. Throughout the process, I appreciated the recommendations for things I could use that could be safer or that would simplify my use of the computer.”

Brian C

Residential Client

“The installation was everything I could have hoped for. Our Nerd was exactly on time and efficient in his work – I was very impressed with the recommendations and way the entire transaction was executed.”

Marty C

Residential Client