Latest Round of Virus Attacks

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Recently, there have been several viruses going around, masquerading themselves as legitimate antivirus products that insist your computer is infected, and that you need to download/buy their product to remove what they have supposedly found on your computer.
STOP! Do not, under *any* circumstances click the pop-up, or give it your credit card information. Your account will likely be cleaned out, as this is nothing more than a trick!
Your antivirus software will NEVER alert you to the fact your computer is infected by opening a browser Window. Be aware of the product you have installed. A browser pop-up may look very legitimate, but it is NOT. Exit the window. DO NOT click anything in the window itself!
There are several tools at a Nerd’s disposal to remove infections from your computer that your antivirus may have missed or that isn’t able to detect.
It may ultimately come down to having to backup your data and do a Wipe and Reload, but we’ll do everything we can before we do that as a last resort. You won’t lose any of your data, it’ll just take a while to get Windows back up and running the way you’re used to.
Some Nerds are reporting that some of these infections appear like legitimate programs.If clicked, they can infect your system, and are very difficult to remove.
“It’s called XP or Vista Security Center, and it looks real”, says Trever Hollihan, with the Nerds On Site Lethbridge Team. “If you do get this problem, don’t panic! It can be fixed. Under NO circumstances should you give this company your credit card because they will MAX it out and take all your money.”
They can be very tricky to remove, but rest assured that our team is able to do it with the help of our team!
If you are unsure as to what to do. please call your Nerd or call 1-877-696-3737! We’re happy to help and answer any questions!

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