Team Approach


The Benefits of a Team

Why hire a single tech – when you can harness the power of a worldwide team – for less!

Today, technology is moving and evolving faster than ever before. One can become easily overwhelmed with the number of possible technology solutions that are available. At Nerds On Site, we work together as a team with over a millennium of combined hands on experience. It is through our combined experience, that we have distilled a list of Best-In-Class solutions from around the globe – solutions that provide the real-world results for our Clients. In addition to other nerds, every Nerd on the team also has the full support of a 24/7 client centre, a dedicated admin team, solution and product champions, and the Nerds On Site leadership team.

Before you hire a Solo-tech – see how our team CV stacks up!
Before you hire in-house IT staff – look at some of the benefits of outsourced I.T.


University of Nerdology

While many nerds have industry certifications, our own University of Nerdology ensures that you are always talking to a Nerd with real-world experience when it comes to technology issues of any sort. Our own University of Nerdology has over 250 competencies and counting and every Nerd is privy to all of these. This means when one Nerd walks through your door, the entire pool of talent and expertise comes with them! Imagine how powerful that makes your team of local Nerds!?