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Manage Meal Suspensions

This is a video tutorial showing our Meal Suspension tool in Meals.WellDelivered.  Meals.WellDelivered is a...

12 Questions About the New Microsoft Office

Harry McCracken over at has penned an excellent and very detailed article about what consumers and businesses can expect from the upcoming version of Microsoft Office. He asks twelve of the most popular questions and answers them.
Before we get to that, here’s a promo video from Microsoft with a sneak peak at what customers can expect.

A Breakdown of Cloud Storage Solutions

In a recent podcast episode of Security Now, Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson covered many of the most popular cloud storage and syncing solutions, like Dropbox,, Carbonite, Crashplan, and others. They described each service, their costs, and compared the value and how people can use each of them, or in some cases, why people shouldn’t use them.

Why You Need to Rank #1 on Google

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t bring you any sales? Are your competitors more visible when you search for your “product” or “service”? Did you know that 73% of all activity online is in one way or another related to local content?

WE not ME discipline

Most of us have a couple of these (digits), and for many people their strongest digit of the five is their thumb. We’ve got studies that show that as strong as you thumb may be, your palm – your whole fist – is 40 times stronger than your strongest digit. 40 times stronger! So that’s 8 times five – 5 digits – 8 times the individual strength of each, together.
When it comes to the last little while, I spent some time in San Diego at a convention, and just finished up a board meeting a minute ago. The power of people working together is so much, SO MUCH more impressive, so much more overwhelming than individuals doing excellent work on their own.