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Managed IT Services Toronto

We do something most Managed Service Providers cannot. We offer full-service business IT solutions, from on-site solutions to fully managed IT services.

We have a team of certified local Toronto technicians, a round-the-clock Network & Security Operations Center (NOC & SOC), and the experience and skills to manage your IT needs.

► 24 7 Server Support

► Outsourced IT Support

► Outsourced Helpdesk Support Toronto

► Remote Monitoring, Support & Security

► On-demand On-site IT Service

24 7 Server Support Toronto

Finding the right provider can be daunting when you’re thinking about outsourced server support Toronto. You need a service provider with the knowledge, coverage &  a proven history of supporting businesses in Toronto.

NOS has supported thousands of Toronto businesses’ needs for over 20 years, providing full-service IT coverage with personalized on-site and remote support.

► 24/7/365 Monitoring, On-site & Remote Support

► Managed Detection, Response & Remediation

► NAS, File Servers & Backup Infrastructure

► Web Servers, Print Servers, Mail Servers, DNS Servers Data Base Servers, Virtual Servers & Proxy Servers

outsourced server support toronto
Outsourced IT Support Toronto

Outsourced IT Support Toronto

Hiring just one full-time computer technician for your firm averages over $60,000 per year, and it’s unlikely you’ll get all the skills required to manage your entire IT infrastructure & security.

Utilizing an established IT service provider with a long history of managing Toronto businesses’ IT needs is not only a more cost-effective option but also removes any HR, administrative & payroll liabilities from your balance sheets.

NOS provides full-service support for your business; whether you need single-visit occasional on-site IT service or entire IT infrastructure monitoring and management, we have a service plan that will suit your business needs.

► Computers, Mobile Devices, Networks & Servers

► Remote & On-site Support when you need it

Outsourced Helpdesk Support Toronto

The lack of process kills productivity. Just 10 minutes of lost productivity a day is 40 hours in a year. Times this by a small team and you’re losing weeks of production value.

IT challenges is one of the biggest cause of lost productivity in the modern enterprise, from slow computers to bugs and errors, if your team does not have a clear process on how to handle these hurdles you’re losing money.

NOS provides 24/7/365 North American based helpdesk services to businesses in Toronto. Our average call answer time is under one minute, and our client service agent sits right on the desktop for easy access for your team.

► 24 7 Outsourced Help Desk Support

► North American Call Centers

Outsourced Helpdesk Support Toronto