Study From Home Solutions

Minimize distraction and security threats
Maximize productivity
For families with children, this may mean learning from home is part of the new reality. While studying online can be a productive way to learn, online access comes with an endless amount of possible distractions and a concerning level of exposure to online predators. Our SCHOOLZONE packages help you set your children up for success by keeping them focused on their work and related resources, and by keeping them safe from inappropriate online content and people.
Take control over the internet used for school
Create a productive workspace
  • Eliminate distractions like social media, online games, ads and streaming media.
  • Protect your children from harmful content online.
  • Facilitate learning by removing the barriers (and the dangers) technology can create

Technology Upgrades

  • Chromebooks
  • Large Monitors
  • Dual Screen Capability
  • Cameras & Headsets
  • Blue blocking glasses

Furniture options

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Room Dividers
  • Lighting

Simply pick the plan that best fits your needs, and we’ll make it happen.

“Every day I’m more thankful for your service you provide and how effective it is. I have a son in his teens, and just knowing I can give him a device to do his school work knowing he will be safe, is one less headache.”

– Wally W

START with a Study-From-Home Assessment – $99

A remote assessment of your current setup and suggestions on how to improve, or further secure your environment with your existing hardware and software.
  • Internet security assessment
  • Setup of FREE Internet filtering solutions
  • Internet and WiFi speed tests
  • Hardware/software recommendations
  • $99 fee refunded with selection of any package below





Create a safe environment for your children online
Includes new internet router that features:
  • Safe Searching: Removes inappropriate content from search engine results
  • Security protocols block ads, trackers, and known malware
  • Content restrictions block harmful and/or adult content


Achiever Package

From $49/mo

Create a focussed schoolzone where internet access is restricted to school sites and resources.
Includes New Internet Router & Learner Features, plus:
  • Change internet access rules automatically by schedule. Work & Play time enforced automatically
  • Allow what you want and block what you don’t during defined hours
  • Complete Control over Social Media access, Online Games, and other distractions like streaming media
  • Enforce different treatment for each device or treat them all as a group.


Valedictorian Package

From $69/mo

Add an Advanced Security Layer to protect your children’s school environment

Includes new Internet router, Achiever Features, plus:

  • Prevent all possible ‘workaround’ tools often used by tech-savvy kids
  • Prevent access to the DarkWeb
  • Advanced time-of-day rules (unique to each device)
  • Prevent undetected Malware or Spyware from executing with patented Don’t Talk to Strangers (DTTS)® Technology

The Right Technology and Environment – Keys to Success

Add technology and furniture upgrades to your monthly SCHOOLZONE fee – talk to us about options.

Furniture Options

Create a space they can thrive in
  • Desks
  • Room Dividers
  • Chairs
  • Lighting

Technology Upgrades

Increase productivity for a low monthly fee
  • Chromebooks
  • Notebook Computers
  • Large Monitors
  • Headsets and Cameras
  • Blue blocking glasses