What Is Smishing (And How To Protect Yourself)

Smishing is a new form of phishing that uses text messaging instead of email. It’s a growing problem worldwide, happening over 30 million times per day! Smishing scammers try to trick you into giving personal information by pretending to be a trusted person or...

Free Social Media Policy Tool for your business

Does your business have a Social Media Policy? If not, you may want to take a quick look at PolicyTool.net, created by rtraction and David Canton, a technology lawyer and e-legal blogger. In addition to the free Social Media tool, a very affordable Privacy Policy tool...

It’s Time to Give Your Computer a Spring Cleaning!

We hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather outside and is enjoying this beautiful week. With Spring comes a sense of renewal and change.
A System Cleanup for Your Computer Can Renew Performance

How Compliance Impacts Backup Strategy

There's nothing more important than compliance for a business, and yet there are also few things harder to manage. Backup and recovery has recently become a huge area of concern for IT as well, so the requirements of IT departments to both be compliant and...

Cloud Migration Service

We are extremely excited to be able to offer a new cloud migration service. For as little as $0.10/kg we'll lift the customers data into various cloud data centers located around the atmosphere. The air quality is good, and we make every effort to save the customers...

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12 Questions About the New Microsoft Office

12 Questions About the New Microsoft Office

Harry McCracken over at Technologizer.com has penned an excellent and very detailed article about what consumers and businesses can expect from the upcoming version of Microsoft Office. He asks twelve of the most popular questions and answers them.
Before we get to that, here’s a promo video from Microsoft with a sneak peak at what customers can expect.