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Computer Repair
London, Ontario

PC Repair
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PC Repair

Comprehensive PC repair services for all makes and models of personal computer, including custom builds. Email support, application support, software support or crashes, our Nerds do it all.

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Laptop Repair

Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge about laptops and will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose any problem, from basic maintenance to more complicated malfunctions.

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Mac Repair

Our technicians diagnose and repair any issues you might have with your Mac. Whether your software is malfunctioning, a virus scan, or simply an upgrade, we have you covered.

Virus Removal
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Virus Removal

Our friendly team of tech specialists have decades of combined experience eradicating nasty viruses and malware infections. Whether it’s getting rid of malware or popups, our techs have you covered.

Computer Tune up
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Computer Tune-up

No more freezing screens, no more system crashes! Our tech experts work quickly and efficiently to remove troublesome viruses and malware and optimize your system so applications run smoothly.

Connectivity Issues
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Connectivity Issues

Our certified team of Nerds are experts in networking and wireless connectivity. We can provide support and assistance with connectivity issues like slow connections, intermittent outages, or general instability.

Computer Errors
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Computer Errors

We have a team of experienced Nerds who are dedicated to keeping your computer running smoothly. With our technical expertise and knowledge, we can quickly diagnose the issues and fix it fast. 

Computer Help
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Computer Help

Whether you need help setting up your inbox or transferring your files from your USB drive, our Nerds provide expert, easy-to-understand support complemented by unmatched patience.

Computer Upgrades
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Computer Upgrades

We go beyond simply upgrading your computer or device’s hardware; we understand your computer needs a tailored plan to ensure full compatibility, performance, and stability. 

Home IT Services
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Residential IT Services

Nerds On Site provides comprehensive IT services for homes. Whether you need your printer repaired, new devices setup, smart home configured or support for your home network, our team of expert local Nerds we can help with all of your home technology.

Business IT Solutions
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Business IT Solutions

Need something more specific for your business? Nerds On Site specializes in providing customized support for small-and-medium businesses. Whether you need a maintenance plan, security services or a one-time visit for any of your technology.

Nerds On Site London, Ontario

4026 Meadowbrook Dr Unit 120, London, ON N6L 1C9

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Nerds On Site London Reviews

4.84 / 5 Satisfaction rating based on 17,000 + reviews

My Nerd resolved all my computer and mobile phone issues. He was technically competent and provided several tips that I will use in the future. I was hacked and my Nerd put my mind at ease. I would use your services in the future.!”

Nerds On Site

David D

London, ON

My Nerd went above and beyond the technical help he was hired to do. Our computer was serviced by Randall and the process was explained clearly. He also installed our Ignite to one of our TVs. Plus re-installed a camera by Telus Security. We cannot say enough how pleased we are with our Nerd and we will pass his company and name to our friends and acquainted. He has represented your company in the highest manner

Sheena M

London, ON

“Our Nerd was quite professional and came in and went right to work. He explained in terms that we could understand (I’m not computer savvy) lol. He gave some recommendations which we appreciated. Would recommend our Nerd for sure!!

Nerds On Site

Mary F

London, ON

Why Nerds On Site

Client satisfaction always comes first.

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Client Satisfaction Always Comes First

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Available Everyday, Evenings & Weekends

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Local Nerds, Global Team

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By The Solution Pricing

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We Speak Normal Speak, Not "Nerd Speak"

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In-Home & In-Office Service

Have Other Questions?

How much does it cost to get someone to fix your PC?

We offer By The Solution Pricing, which means we provide you with a no-olbigation price before we begin your service, and that price will not change, even if we spend longer than anticipated to solve your issue.

If you’d like to request a quote before requesting service, you can do so by clicking below.

Request A Quote From Nerds On Site

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

It depends on the computer.

It’s important to consider both the cost of the repairs and the cost of replacement when deciding whether to repair or replace a computer.

Suppose your computer or laptop is older and requires new components. In that case, replacing it may be more economical, but if you have a software issue or virus, an expert Nerd can typically provide an affordable service.

If you’re unsure what decision to make, contact us, and one of our friendly expert technicians can advise.

What is the average life of a computer?

The average life of a computer depends on many factors, such as the type of computer, how it’s used, and the environment in which it operates. Generally speaking, though, most computers have 4-8 years lifespan.

Computers used heavily or in a dusty or hot environment will tend to have shorter lifespans than those used sparingly and in a cool, dry environment. And laptops tend to have shorter lifespans than desktops because they’re subjected to more wear and tear.

At what age should you replace your computer?

This depends on a few factors, but the main one is, can the computer still work for you?
If the computer is fast enough for you and works well, then there may be no need to replace your computer, regardless of age. 
If the computer is a little slow, you can try a computer tune-up to see if this brings it back to suitable functionality.
The biggest factor that leads to the replacement of computers is it’s too old to be updated, meaning it’s no longer secure to use. In some cases, the operating system can be updated; more often than not, replacing the computer may be the best idea.

Do you offer in-home or on-site IT services?

We offer both in-home service and on-site services for businesses. We will set up, repair, or diagnose your device right in the comfort of your home or office so that you don’t have to take it to town and leave it overnight.

We care about your privacy and will never take your device or data off the premises.

All of our Nerds are certified and background-checked, and the average Nerd has been with us for over ten years.

Is Nerds On Site an established and trusted IT provider?

Nerds On Site was founded in 1995, and we’re proud to have served over 146,000 Clients since then. Our number one priority will always be Client service, and our Clients agree, as we’ve received over 101,000 5-star reviews.

With nearly 30 years of experience as a company, and over 1,000 years combined experience as a team, you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your IT needs.