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Philanthroper…a 21st Century Philanthropy Method

Dec 2, 2011

There is a LOT of ways to give money to worthy causes.  It seems, especially at this time of year, that you are constantly being approached by groups looking for support for their charity.  This just underscores how much need there is in the world.  Most of us just don’t know where to put our limited dollars for charity.

Enter philanthroper.com, a new way of giving!  Do you know those daily deal sites, like Groupon?  Philanthroper.com is very much like those sites, except they offer a new charitable opportunity every day, with a $1 donation request.  What they are offering is the chance to donate just $1 to a new charity each day.  (You can donate more if you wish, but their default amount is just $1 per day.)

It’s a very different way of giving, and that’s what makes it a fresh breath of air.  MSNBC calls it a ‘Cool idea’, and LifeHacker says “You donate $1…Philanthroper takes nothing.  The non-profit gets the rest.”  The last comment sums up one of the big differences with Philanthroper – they don’t take a cut of your donations.

They pick charities based on some careful screening, preferring to focus on charities raising less than $1 million annually, and they like working with young, growing non-profits.  Recently they have told stories on FAIR Girls, Project Home Indy, Create Collective, Empty Stocking Fund and Feeding America.  Check them out today!