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Blood: Water Mission

Jul 11, 2012

The weather is starting to get pretty warm in places, and with it we all are drinking a bit more water than usual in order to stay hydrated as we go about our daily tasks.  Have you thought lately about how much harder it must be for people that go everyday without ready access to clean drinking water?

“There was a big push in the 80’s to do a bunch of water projects in Africa. And if you go back now, it’s like cemeteries of broken wells that only lasted for three to four years.” – Matt Ward, Blood: Water Mission

For the price of a bottle of water in the US, Blood: Water Mission can give a person in African clean water for a year.  Doesn’t that just blow your mind?  It sure stunned me!  You can read more here: https://philanthroper.com/deals/blood-water-mission.