Barrie Food Bank – Fill the Beetle 2017

What a fun feel-good event!

Ten Nerds made the trek to Barrie, with their Nerdmobiles in tow, for the 6th annual Fill-the-Beetle event. We opened up our hatches and watched the food pile up (and we ate pizza and ice cream).

Approx. 4,500 lbs of food was collected for the Barrie Food Bank on Saturday.

In six years, almost 35,000 lbs has been collected to help feed hungry families in Barrie.

South African Nerds on Site respond to drought.

SO PROUD of our ZA Nerds!!

This morning on the way to our 7am team breakfast Lourens heard about a radio campaign to send water to a huge drought region north of Pretoria.

IMMEDIATELY this man of action (your colleague Lourens) canvased all at breakfast and had us leave our coffees on the table, gather at the grocery store to buy 500+ litres and then had us PARADE 2 miles to the radio station and set up a 25-Nerd water bottle delivery team! Then the radio station snap us and gratefully announces us on the radio and FaceBook our pic on their page.

IMG_1320 IMG_1315

Fill the Beetle and Santa Claus Parade

Thanks to Richard Beers and Bill Abbott for joining me for 1. Fill the Beetle for my church’s Neighbourhood Centre food bank (4th or 5th year, can’t remember!) , 2. Santa Claus Parade, Ajax, Ontario. PS. the Little nerd I’m holding is my 20 month old son Xander:); Mommy brought him out as well!  Fill the Beetle raised a little over 600 lbs of food and goods. Thanks guys!

Santa Claus Parade

On Saturday Ottawa Nerds On Site were participating in 2 Santa Claus parades. In the west our new nerd Mark Cassanto was in the Arnprior parade. He was joined by his wife and kids who handed out candy canes, as well as some boxes of Nerds, to the kids who were lining the route. (Wes has a scheduling conflict).

In the east end, Tony and I were entered into the Orleans Parade of Lights. We always enter this parade in partnership with the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard. While I drove the car Tony along with the GEFC volunteers handed out candy canes to all the kids lining the route. Thanks also to John Brule, his wife Anne and my son Allistair for helping with the decorating of the Nerdmobile.


Blood: Water Mission

The weather is starting to get pretty warm in places, and with it we all are drinking a bit more water than usual in order to stay hydrated as we go about our daily tasks.  Have you thought lately about how much harder it must be for people that go everyday without ready access to clean drinking water?

“There was a big push in the 80’s to do a bunch of water projects in Africa. And if you go back now, it’s like cemeteries of broken wells that only lasted for three to four years.” – Matt Ward, Blood: Water Mission

For the price of a bottle of water in the US, Blood: Water Mission can give a person in African clean water for a year.  Doesn’t that just blow your mind?  It sure stunned me!  You can read more here:

Charity Event Roundup

Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival

Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival

It seems that come warm weather, the opportunities to raise some money for your favourite charities just keep increasing!  In the past week, our team has been involved in many great events, and not all of them golf tournaments!

Last week Saturday Robin Martin of our London Ontario team participated in the Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival in support of the Rowbust Breast Cancer Survivors of London. Robin was rowing with a squad from the orthopedics department of LHSC. Their team “Bad to the Bone” ended up winning the consolation final in their division. Robin shares:

The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun. Rowing in a dragonboat is not as easy as it may look. Sprinting for 500 m and trying to get everyone to stay in sync is not easy when the majority of those in the boat are doing this for the first time, myself included. But I would definitely participate again. There were 47 teams in total and each team was guaranteed at least three races.

Heart & Stroke Big Bike Event

Heart & Stroke Big Bike Event

Our team has also been helping out with the Heart & Stroke Big Bike event in London all week, even in the hot weather!  Lastly, our team in Lethbridge Alberta participated in the Canadian Tire Care for the Kids Golf Tournament yesterday.  So many fun ways to raise money worthy causes!

World Day Against Child Labour

Two young boys working in a carpentry workshop in Casablanca. (UN Photo/Jean Pierre Laffont)

In 2002, the International Labour Organization launched the “World Day Against Child Labour” to bring our attention to the practice of child labour that still occurs in many parts of the world.

The latest figures estimate that over 215 Million children are still trapped in oppressive slave labour, with 115 Million of these being forced to work in hazardous conditions.  The ILO has set a goal of eliminating child labour by 2016, and current trends seem to indicate promising progress on this front.  Nevertheless, this is a very ambitious goal, one that can’t be reached without all of our help.  If you feel you can take a moment to help today, a worthy cause can be found in World Relief.

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

Two young residents from the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Acqba Jaber camp for Palestinian refugees in the West Bank. (UN Photo/Stephenie Hollyman)

Today is the International Day designated to remember the children that are victims of aggression.  While this day was started in response to the innocent children caught in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian forces, it has grown to remember all children world-wide that are victims of physical, emotional and mental abuse.

Today stands as a good reminder that much still needs to be done on this front.  While we are all very busy, perhaps we can take a moment out of our day to help out?  A worthy way to help out can be found through World Relief if you want to donate some money to the cause of Vulnerable Children.