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Securely and Seamlessly Working from Remote Locations

Many businesses have scrambled in recent months to put remote-work solutions in place. However, while these solutions may be providing the basic remote functionality, they may not be nearly secure or robust enough to protect businesses from cybercrime.
There is no question that enabling remote workers may dramatically increase the overall security risk to a business. In a nutshell, every single remote-worker’s home environment is now a possible attack surface / point of entry for cybercriminals.

Several devices on the home Internet not only increases security risks, but can also severely impact network performance and Internet speeds.

Our Secure Remote Work Solutions Feature The Following:

  • Isolation of WORK devices from HOME devices offers much greater security
  • Your work applications are given priority internet access (for example, your ZOOM calls will be given priority over another family member who may be online gaming)
  • Advanced VPN configurations ensure that work systems are never unprotected/exposed and only your work internet traffic is sent through the VPN (and not your kids Netflix streams)
  • Easy-to-use / hard to break – even for the non-tech-savvy among us.

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Cyber Security Assessment

Nerds On Site offers businesses a comprehensive IT security assessment with no commitment or obligation.

Who Is At Risk of Cyber Attacks? 
Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are not just a target, they have become the preferred target.
Consider these alarming findings from Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report.


of cyber attackers target small businesses


of malware victims are categorized as small businennes


of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of attack

Know where you stand: Our cyber security team will evaluate your systems and networks based on a number of parameters. Reports generated by the assessment show us precisely where you are vulnerable, and the Nerds team suggests solutions based on decades of experience, cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices.

Our Cyber Security Assessment: • Based onCentre for Internet Security(CIS) industry guidelines • Completed virtually using remote tools (no onsite visit required) • Includes assessment of remote worker setups • Easy to understand results and recommendations provided

Less than 15 employees – $199 (valued at $499-$999)
More than 15 employees – $299 (valued at $999+)

To discuss our Cyber Security Assessment for your business, contact us: Nerds On Site – +1 (833) 977-2345

Remote Solutions, That Work.

Safe and Secure Solutions for Enabling Remote Workers

Many businesses have moved, or are moving to a remote setup for their
employees. We can help design, implement & secure these remote
workers and environments.

Nerds On Site offers businesses a comprehensive IT security assessment with no commitment or obligation.

  • Initial video conference/assessment
  • Implementation of software/cloud environment
  • Enabling employee access
  • Securing remote environments and remote connections
  • Training employees on remote solutions

If additional hardware is required, packages start as low as $999 per remote employee.
Lease programs starting as low as $20/mo per employee.*

To discuss our Remote solutions for your business, contact us: Nerds On Site – +1 (833) 977-2345

AAA Secure – Remote Experience

The Most Secure Remote-Work Solution Available – Security that is Always on, Anywhere, Anytime

Our ‘adam:GO’ powered AAA Secure – Remote Experience provides an elegant, yet incredibly secure platform that can be customized to work with your business’s existing technology.

  • Persistently-Secured devices ensure that workers and devices are secured anywhere they roam.
  • Customized environment dedicated and locked to the technology needs of your business.
  • Consistent, easy-to-use experience for every worker (training included)
  • Works with cloud or server environments, Microsoft & Apple compatible

AAA Secure – Remote Experience packages start as low as $199 per remote employee, per month* and include:

  • Dedicated hardware for each remote worker
  • Centralized management of devices that allows remote configuration changes and device ‘wipe’ capabilities.

To discuss our AAA Secure – Remote Experience for your business, contact us:
Nerds On Site – +1 (833) 977-2345