January 24, 2011
Niles Nerd

Young Girl To Get Cochlear Implants

During December we had a Fill The Beetle drive for a young girl to get cochlear implants before she turns 6 years of age to ensure that she will be able to function in society like a normal hearing person for the rest of her life. Being rained out wet and somedays tired, the Nerds On Site South Africa Team (Johannesburg and Pretoria) held up with the project. We didn’t raised nearly enough money, but someone influential saw this need for this child and He stepped in. The young girl and her brother will be getting their implants 29 January 2011. We also held a raffle where we sponsored a netbook as a winning price, and consolation prices we received from our suppliers like Axiz, Eset, Inopsis Wireless, and Brent Oil.