January 26, 2011
Niles Nerd

You Just Can’t Live Without…

[this post is from Nerd Brandon Lukasik]

There are 3 things that you should just not run a computer without. 1. Battery Backup (UPS) 2. Antivirus 3. BACKUP!!
You may think that the sales people at staples are just trying to upsell you but these things are very important to longevity with your computer.
Battery backups allow for the proper shutdown of your computer in a power outtage or brownouts not only that but good ones will have built in surge protection saving you from power spikes and surges.
Antivirus is important because it is WAY to easy to catch a virus while surfing online. Compromised sites and emails are all over the place. Make sure you are protected by having an up-to-date AV solution.
BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP! Failures and Corruption is inevitable having an up-to-date backup is key to making sure your important data is safe!

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Artile: You Just Can’t Live Without…

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