September 28, 2020
Niles Nerd

WTH Security News September 28, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

One of this year’s most severe Windows bugs is now under active exploit. For the third week in a row, this makes it to our top 5. That’s how bad ZeroLogon is. Remember, in seconds, an unauthenticated user can change Active Directory credentials of any user.

Foreign Hackers Cripple Texas County’s Email System. The malware attack, which sent fake email replies to voters and businesses, spotlights an overlooked vulnerability in counties that don’t follow best practices for computer security.

“LokiBot,” the malware that steals your most sensitive data, is on the rise. “Persistent malicious” activity sees a “notable increase” since July, feds say.

Govt. Services Firm Tyler Technologies Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack. Tyler Technologies, a Texas-based company that bills itself as the largest provider of software and technology services to the United States public sector, is battling a network intrusion that has disrupted its operations.

To end it off on a not-so-funny note, we used to joke about ransomwaring Coffee makers. Well it’s here.

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