November 9, 2020
Niles Nerd

WTH Security News November 9, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Apple patches iOS against 3 actively exploited 0-days found by Google. Probably the most important/urgent upgrade ever. Don’t wait for 14.2 upgrade, do it now.

U.S. Feds Seized Nearly $1 Billion in Bitcoin from Wallet Linked to Silk Road. Speculation kicked off after someone moved the huge sum on Tuesday, and now we know who it was: the U.S. government.

Maze, a notorious ransomware group, says it’s shutting down. One of the most active and notorious data-stealing ransomware groups, Maze, says it is “officially closed.”

Google patches second Chrome zero-day in two weeks. Google has released a security update for its Chrome web browser that patches ten security bugs, including one zero-day vulnerability that is currently actively exploited in the wild.

Chrome Root Program. As Steve Gibson shares it, this was not an announcement that was met with universal enthusiasm, but from Google’s point of view, it is the right path for Google. Here’s their justification:

Did you know?
The Software Engineering Institute is proposing a new approach to naming CVEs: Vulnonym. Twitter account @vulnonym is trying it out.

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