January 18, 2021
David Redekop

TWINN Security News January 18, 2021

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Children’s Screen Time Has Soared in the Pandemic, Alarming Parents and Researchers. Strict parents have it difficult now, lenient parents, well, read the research…

Larger CyberBunker investigation yields shutdown of DarkMarket. Reminds us of previous large dark web markets a la Silk Road that were taken down only for new ones to emerge.

Hackers steal Mimecast certificate used to encrypt customers’ M365 traffic. This could be considered a supply chain attack and what’s interesting is that it took Microsoft to discover this. Their threat intel is world class now.

More federal victims of SolarWinds hacking likely to come forward, CISA chief says. In the same way that attackers often have “presence” for months before they are discovered, Orion may be running an infected version without anyone paying attention.

WhatsApp to delay launch of update business features after privacy backlash. It looks like the millions of us that switched to tools like Signal, registered deeply with WhatsApp.

Did you know? 

The NSA agrees with what we’ve been saying for years and warns against using DoH inside enterprise networks.

To see a video version of this, see https://youtu.be/mGwid3F3j8A 

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