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[thanks to Nerd Mark Kempe for this post]
My wife works for a university and received a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada telling her the university domain is about to expire and she needs to move fast to prevent it from expiring. In the document, when you read carefully, it actually says ‘to renew and transfer your domain, complete this form…’.
With Nerds Hosting domains, you don’t need to worry about this since we auto-renew the domains. But your clients might get these letters, so remind them NOT to worry, we have them covered (another valued added to help sell our hosting)
Also, you may not know but clients can add WHOIS protection for a very small monthly fee. This blocks the WHOIS contact details and how companies like this get your clients name and then mail them these renewal letters. Post a ticket if you’re client is interested in adding this to their account.

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