March 7, 2012
Niles Nerd

Why We Use Amazon Web Services for TimeWellScheduled

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[this post is from Mark Kempe, a team leader on our Online Services Team]
TimeWellScheduled is a Nerds On Site Time & Attendance Solution, and  is hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Detailed security information can be found here.
Being a cloud (online) solution, security and up-time is critical to the application.
Some key features to using AWS:
· their data centres are located throughout the world to reduce failure at a single point
· a world class leader in cloud based computing, always moving forward with new features and enhancements
Within AWS, we:
•  restrict access to each server to only the data centre team leaders and project leads
•  perform 4 full backups a day of all data
•  have secondary servers on standby in case of any failure of our primary servers
•  maintain the latest systems available to ensure the fastest response times
Nerds On Site may to a change to a different provider with equivalent features at our discretion, and will provide advance notice of 15 days of such a change. During such a change, there will be no downtime during business hours. A host change will incur a 60-minute maintenance window from 4am-5am Eastern. Nerds On Site will make every effort to ensure any host changes do not cause any disruptions.

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