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Professional manner – Do they sound confident in what they are offering? Do they sound trustworthy? Do they understand completely what your looking for and effectively deliver based on your requests?
The thing with businesses of any kind is they often talk in their own lingo. Thus making the client/customer feel unintelligent which is never a good feeling. The ability to speak with confidence is also attributed to your ability to understand exactly what the client wants and communicate it in an ongoing process those steps needed to facilitate their requests.
Nerds On Site representatives adhere to a code of conduct not just because it is mandatory, but because they believe in the principle fundamentals it demonstrates for business. You will never see us show up in jeans and our favorite summer t-shirt. When you do speak with us it will always be with a courteous and enthusiastic tone. And when you work with us, we will always keep you informed on the progress of the project so that you can feel confident in the quality and accuracy of that project, after all it is yours. We may be the technical experts putting a project together, but we never forget that you are the visionary.
Check back next week when we cover why “How Big is Their Team”, can be so important when hiring a developer.

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