July 26, 2010

Why Nerds On Site … (Experience)

The hardest thing about hiring a developer is determining their level of expertise so that you are not paying more money in the end to fix what you paid them in the beginning to do right.
Local Independent Developer:
– Just one developer, usually working alone
– Limited solutions they can deliver as a sole developer
– Project sizes are focused usually smaller because their reach is limited
Nerds On Site:
– Experience offered by a team of Nerds
– Vast knowledge, based on a large resource pool of collective Nerds experience
– Unlimited project sizes as we have Nerds around the world and experience with all project sizes (from a local farmer to a $100 million hospital construction project)
As you can see above, why hire an individual developer when you can have an entire team behind your development needs/solutions.
Another thing is to check out is their portfolio of completed work to help you understand the depth of skill. For example Nerds On Site has helped develop and maintain projects with companies such as; Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, Daintree Networks, and One Extra Guy.
Check back next week when we take a look at why “Pricing”, can be so important when hiring a developer.