May 9, 2011
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When it Comes to Technology – Are You Proactive or Reactive?

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Many home users and businesses alike are using technology that is simply not designed for the way it’s being used on a daily basis, or even worse, don’t have a plan in place to prevent problems from occurring, including downtime and data loss. Too often, we are called on-site by frustrated clients who are unable to do their work or figure out a workaround because their technology suddenly isn’t working properly, or at all. Though we are happy to resolve such issues, we prefer to have a proactive plan in place that will greatly reduce the likelihood of problems from happening, and if they do, to have a “plan b” in place so the problem doesn’t affect their business operations, or cause nearly as much stress.
We encounter many businesses that use consumer-grade PCs. We strongly recommend against this. Though they often serve the purpose, they are not designed for use in a business environment, and can reduce productivity, and be problematic. They often don’t last as long either. The same is true for printers. Though business-class hardware costs a bit more, it’s a worthwhile investment. The same is true for other areas of business, such as data backup, networking equipment, or website hosting. Having a proactive plan that includes all of these elements can save a lot of stress, and it’s also why we strongly recommend our NerdCare (monthly support) plans.
At home, many people rarely think to use a backup power supply (UPS) in case of a power surge or failure. Power bumps or surges are known to happen, and can cause severe and instant damage to computer components. It’s a simple solution that can save clients a lot of money down the road. Another issue is data backup. Though things like hard drives and other components can be replaced, that is not the case for client data cannot. Having a backup strategy (local and off-site) is absolutely key, and having it be automated is even better. Please *do not* use USB flash drives as a backup solution. They are volatile, unreliable, and insecure. Having a plan in place that addresses your technology needs is a must, and it’s also why we strongly recommend Residential NerdCare.
Your focus is on your business, your family, and getting things done. We understand that. That’s why we want to help you create a plan that allows for things to “just work”, and to manage it for you so you don’t have to worry about it. We love this stuff! Give us a call.

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