September 9, 2011
Niles Nerd

Web Security and Content Filtering For Your Organization

- Nerds On SiteThe internet is a wonderful tool for productively connecting and communicating with others, but it can also be dangerous – and distracting. A business-class router can certainly provide protection, but it’s not always enough, and doesn’t offer the enhanced security and filtering that other solutions do.
One of those solutions is OpenDNS. This internet-based product offers several security options, including malware and phishing protection. In addition, if you incorrectly type in a website address, it will protect your computer from malicious websites designed to take advantage of popular mistyped website addresses.
Their content filtering systems allows you to easily enforce your organization’s acceptable use policy by blocking malicious or undesirable websites.
OpenDNS has many other benefits as well, as described on their website. They offer free and paid solutions.
Another solution is a UTM (Unified Threat Management), which can fully take the place of the router. These appliances offer on-site security, spam protection, a firewall, and many other customizable options.  Two of the providers are Untangle and Astaro. Both have subscription-based support.
- Nerds On Site
Untangle offers several solutions that manage all traffic entering and leaving your network, a firewall, content security, phishing, spyware protection, remote access, and website filtering to enforce your Acceptable Use Policy.
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Astaro also offers several security products for managing network security, web security, and mail security.
When it comes to which solution to choose, talk with a Nerd about your organization’s needs, how many users are on your network. We’ll ask you many other questions to determine which device or solution are right for your business, and discuss the options with you, so you can make an informed decision.

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