March 15, 2011
Niles Nerd

iPhone and iPad VPN capabilities improved

Some NerdSpeak here, but your IT person may appreciate this news:
You can now make a PPTP VPN connection over Canadian mobile carriers’ (Bell & Rogers) 3G connections.
Many SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) use Microsoft VPN technologies, specifically PPTP (Point-to-Point tunnelling protocol). One of the reasons that this is a popular VPN technology is that it’s built-in to everything from old to modern Windows computers, mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and usually requires no extra installation of any software.
It is worth noting that our mobile carriers previously sold $5 and $10/mo packages to facilitate this. If you are currently a subscriber, you can cancel those plans and still be able to use PPTP VPN. Here are a few screenshots of my “straight-up” 3G iPhone using PPTP VPN with some red markups:
Screenshot of PPTP 3G connected

Screenshot of PPTP Setup

I could not find any official carrier press release indicating this change, but our industry is very grateful for this change and improvement on 3G carrier capability.

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