October 7, 2010

Using Dropbox and Hosted Exchange To Make Life Easier

[Thanks to Michael Duffy from our Calgary Team for this post]
One of my clients is currently a member of the Royal Purple of canada https://www.royalpurpleofcanada.org
She will be taking on a new position next year, so throughout this year i have set her up with a desktop, a laptop, a mobile printer, etc.
However she’s been overwhelmed by the amount of email and documents she gets and had been manually updating both computer for both her email plus the word/excel files she updates on a weekly basis.
So after a call for help two weeks ago, I knew she needed Hosted Exchange through appriver.
I visited her and her husband and sat down with them and went over Hosted Exchange and the cost ( all of which is new and scary to them)
after a week of deciding, she decided to take the plunge for Exchange but not Dropbox
After a week of technical issues with AppRiver, it is working, She was so thrilled yesterday when i was demonstrating the auto-synchronization of Exchange for her with both her laptop and desktop running, She said yes to Dropbox and within 20 minutes I had it installed and had her trained on it
The only difficult thing to explain to her was that she Does not need to know how it works, It Just Works and she can leave the technical stuff to me, and she is on a Residential NerdCare plan!
Have you experienced the usefulness of Dropbox? It’s free and allows you to share files across PCs (and Macs)!
Do you do deal with email issues as a result of accessing your email on multiple computers? Has Hosted Exchange (syncronize and access email across devices) been recommended to you? If not, request that a Nerd contact you to discuss it.