February 5, 2010

Unlimited Disk Space

Does your hosting provider offer unlimited disk space? If not, you should strongly consider moving to a provider that offers this feature. In today’s online world, with video and photos becoming the main way we communicate, you may suddenly find yourself outstripping your providers space limitations. Running out of disk space will cause your site to become unavailable to your clients, or will cause your business to incur overage charges. Either way, you lose.
If your provider does offer unlimited disk space, probe carefully to determine if it’s truly unlimited, or if they have an artificial cap in the fine print somewhere. However, keep in mind that unlimited never truly means unlimited, since a physical hard drive can only hold so much data. However, the truly good providers will allow you to use as much space as the server will allow, and the bad providers will limit you to some arbitrary number that will cause you to limit your site in some way.