June 6, 2022
David Redekop

TWINN Security News June 6

Back in the day when Microsoft thought it would be wise to add protocol handlers anywhere and everywhere, there was no security-conscious rigour applied to those decisions. It has led to a state of insecurity that is only now benig weaponized and we are seeing only the beginning of it now with stories like this:

New Windows Search zero-day added to Microsoft protocol nightmare. While still unpatched by Microsoft, there are mitigation tactics for this, the good news is, we haven’t seen Follina abused by criminals yet, but any day or hour that could start or have started. Most importantly, that beginning might just be a start to other never-before-paid-attention-to other abuse-able protocol handlers.

Critical Atlassian 0-day is under active exploit. You’re patched, right? If not, stop everything and do this first.

Microsoft Seizes 41 Domains Used in Spear-Phishing Attacks by Bohrium Hackers. Just remember, in a Zero Trust connectivity world, you’re ahead of the protection of this kind that always arrives only *after* someone is hurt.

Turbulent Cyber Insurance Market Sees Rising Prices and Sinking Coverage. Business stakeholders do not enjoy the peace of mind of cyber insurance like they could only a few short years ago. Applying actual preventive measure is now front and centre.

To better manage cybersecurity risk, extend zero-trust principles to third parties. Never trust, always verify. Now extend that to third parties as well.

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