April 18, 2022
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TWINN Security News April 18

Welcome to this week in NerdNews (TWINN). Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

First let’s talk about how you and I, just normal, productive people can be used as pawns by a nation state cyber criminals. We all want to progress, and now just imagine having a dream job offered to you that sound almost too good to be true, but your bias doesn’t allow you to act on that warning, and instead, you take the next step. While at your current network, you download and install a Trojan.

Here we have a story just like that, in a campaign called “Operation Dream Job”.

Lazarus Targets Chemical Sector With ‘Dream Jobs,’ Then Trojans. As always, be careful, especially when something sounds too good to be true.

Microsoft’s tactics to win cloud battle lead to new antitrust scrutiny. What’s old is new again. Will Microsoft’s preferred pricing be sustainable if you’re in their cloud vs the competitors’?

Russia’s Sandworm hackers attempted a third blackout in Ukraine. Seems that cyber war is very much part of the war in Ukraine. The Industroyer2 is targeting high voltage system that control the flow at substations.

New SolarMarker Malware Variant Using Updated Techniques to Stay Under the Radar. Using large EXE files posing as PDF readers with high SEO rankings, that bypass the scanning by local anti-virus or endpoint security software, the first stage of getting a foothold in a system is quite successful for the attackers.

Google Emergency Update Fixes Chrome Zero-Day. This is the fourth one this year. Keep current, stay on a zero trust network, and keep working 🙂

Did you know? 

Inoreader is free for up to 100 feeds. It is also a favourite amongst those that miss the Google Reader. It is definitely Apple-centric, so if that’s your main working environment, you’ll likely enjoy it.

For a video version of this see: https://youtu.be/03GMO5Dh3hk

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