This Week In Nerd News (TWINN) – January 30, 2023

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TWINN #109 Malware Author Identity Revealed

Scaling is an important dynamic in growing an operation of any kind, especially software. It applies to legitimate businesses and organizations that dishonestly experience financial gain. Organized crime is so large now because the opportunity is so large. By 2025, humanity’s collective data will reach 175 zettabytes. That’s 172, followed by 21 zeros. This means it is big enough now that organized crime rings now have Achilles heels that can be discovered and brought down with an amplified effect of reducing their reach. This is what happens when identities are uncovered, like what we found out this week:

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The 5 Top Cyber Security Stories Of The Week – January 30, 2023

Experts Uncover the identity of Cyber Weapon of Choice “Golden Chickens”. This is often the pivotal step in serious disruption to cybercrime.

FBI says it ‘hacked the hackers’ to shut down major ransomware group. In fact, those that may not have paid their ransom demand and/or not decrypted their HIVE ransomware incident, can now get the decryption key through the FBI.

GoTo says hackers stole encrypted backups… and the encryption keys. This is the same company that owns Lastpass. Now customer backups are known to have been stolen, including the keys for Central, Pro,, Hamachi, RemotelyAnywhere.

Realtek Vulnerability Under Attack: Over 134 Million Attempts to Hack IoT Devices. The vast majority of commoditized devices are vulnerable.

Multiple version of BIND DNS servers need to be patched. If you still need to run BIND as a lot of legacy infrastructure organizations do, the update is critical in order to avoid a denial of service through a rather simple update method.

Did you know? offers a free Shadow IT discovery tool that can be run if you’re an organization’s super administrator.

Also, wanted to share this: some journalism I am personally grateful for:  Global Inventory of Commercial Spyware & Digital Forensics. I love the fact that they distribute it as an except spreadsheet so people who “download the dataset” are making copies and this data cannot be hidden. Even Canada gets a mention.

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