Things to Consider When Getting a New Hard Drive

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A couple of nights ago, a hard drive died on one of my computers. I keep backups of everything, so that wasn’t an issue. I had an interesting experience the next day seeking a replacement hard drive. Knowing that some places offer better prices than others, I went to a couple of local stores. I wasn’t happy with their prices, so I gave another store a call and found a better deal, and went there to purchase it.
I was going to get a 500GB hard drive, but for $15 more, I decided on a 1TB drive instead (double the space). From past experiences, I knew that the power and connector cables I would need are not included with the packaging of hard drives, which they don’t make obvious until you open it. So, I had made sure I already had those at home.
I could have purchased the hard drive online, and could possibly have found an even better deal, but I needed my computer working, and didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped to me.
This got me thinking about the average customer experience in this sort of situation, and especially how frustrating it could be for those less tech-savvy. There are lot of factors to consider when getting a new hard drive. Brand, price, storage space, older vs newer connectors, purchasing locally vs online, installing the hard drive, backups, and more. In many cases, people sometimes have to bring their computer to the shop to get it installed, which is a hassle.
When clients of Nerds On Site need a new hard drive (or other hardware), they don’t have to worry about any of this. We research options, have a discussion with them, and come to an agreement, then purchase, and install it for them on-site. They can continue to focus on their business.

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