The world is my Oyster – 70 million SMEs strong

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We’ve all heard the expression, “The world is my oyster”. Well, if you’re an SME (small & medium enterpriser) – the bedrock foundation of the enterprise world – do you know what that means? It means odds are that there are 70 million prospects out there. Just for you…
70 million other SMEs. Folks who are running passionate, orchestrated organizations looking for better, faster, more effective, top revenue driving, cost-cutting, leading edge generating solutions… products that you have sitting in a warehouse or in your cloud configuration somewhere.
70 million prospects! That’s an awful lot of oyster for anybody. The only thoughts we should wake up with, go to bed with, and talk about all day long is “How do we capture MORE of that world of 70 million SMEs today… with this tactic, this strategy, than we did yesterday?!?
Good hunting, Good enterprising, Good day.

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