August 10, 2012
Niles Nerd

The Power of Mobile – What Is All This Hype About?

20120808-005436.jpg It seems smartphones these days are more abundant, and being utilized by a broader range of people than the most basic desktop/laptops.
Why is this?
We believe it is based on portability, ease, convenience, affordability, and simplicity.
The average user that is mostly intimidated by technology, can feel at ease, and comfort with most smartphones these days.
It allows everyone to be included, not just the Nerds 🙂
And now with the ever growing development of mobile friendly websites, businesses have a more engaging way to interact with existing and potential clients!
How does mobile friendly, compare to mobile ready?
It is simple, mobile friendly allows the user to navigate the site with ease on a mobile device, as the latter simply renders the site as it would look on a larger screen, squeezing everything into a smaller frame size, causing the experience to be rather frustrating.
To learn more about how a mobile site can help your business, go to:, or ask our Development Team to provide an example, or contact our Product Champion, Matt Sicotte, by email at matt.sicotte[at]nerdsonsite[dot]com.
- Nerds On Site This post is from Matt Sicotte, a Nerd in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can reach him on twitter @mattthenerd or at matt.sicotte(at)nerdsonsite(dot)com.

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Artile: The Power of Mobile – What Is All This Hype About?

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