September 19, 2011
Niles Nerd

The Benefits of Networked Printers

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If you operate or work at a small business, having the ability to print is vital. If your printer is simply hooked up directly to one of the computers, you may notice a bit of a delay in printing, or that you can’t print when that computer is turned off.

Your computer is acting as a middle-man. Although it may be a functional and practical setup most of the time, it can also be annoying. If something were to happen to that computer, no one would be able to send documents to that printer.

A better approach is to hook up the printer directly to the network. This is only possibly if the printer has an ethernet port, and if there isn’t a spare ethernet port, an ethernet cable may need to be connected it to the router or switch. Your network may also need other changes to make this a reality, so it’s best to talk to your IT department, or contact Nerds On Site, and we’ll be happy to set things up for you.

Having the printer hooked up directly to the network allows anytime access to that printer, making it easy to quickly send documents to it.

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