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The Canadian Anti-Spam Act and What it Could Mean for You

Feb 7, 2013
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The Canadian Anti-Spam Act was passed in December of 2010, and is expected to come into force some time in 2013. If you think it won’t affect you because you don’t send mass emails trying to sell random products, or don’t infest other people’s computers with spyware, you would be wrong. It creates tools to […]

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The anatomy of a targeted email account hack

“OMG! My email is hacked!” This is a true account of an email hack we’ve just witnessed and helped a client through. It all started with one of our client’s bank account manager calling our client (will call him Bob in this email): Bank: Bob, Happy New Year! We have received an email from your […]


Outgoing Email Guidelines and How to Avoid Getting Blacklisted

Like all email service providers, our team needs to be careful to ensure that our mail servers do not get listed on spam blacklists.

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Reporting Spam to SpamExperts

All our hosting clients are protected from spam by our relationship with SpamExperts, and their system is quite good indeed. However, even the best system occasionally allows spam through, and this article will help you to report any email that you think is spam directly to SpamExperts. This will allow SpamExperts to analyse the email, […]

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Viewing your SpamExperts Quarantine

Now that all our client’s email goes through SpamExperts for filtering, all clients also have a spam quarantine folder. While all users get a daily spam digest, you may want to access your spam filter more frequently than the daily spam report allows for. In those cases, you can always access your spam filter directly […]

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E-Mail Address Spoofing and What to do About It

Aug 2, 2011
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Understandably, people are concerned and frustrated when they start receiving e-mail from people they know (or don’t know) asking why they are being sent junk mail. In some cases, the junk mail contains malicious attachments, or links to malicious websites that can contain viruses.

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Spam Volumes Plummet upon Coordinated Takedown of Rustock Botnet

One of the largest botnets on the Internet today, Rustock has been the target of a coordinated takedown effort. This effort appears to have paid off as Rustock has gone from sending about 2,000 spam emails per second to virtually none in the last 12 hours. The CBL estimates that over 815,000 Windows computers are […]

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Shield Your Identity

What is ID Protect? ID Protect is a service that hides your private information from being displayed publicly in a global database that is frequently used by spammers and data miners to bombard unprotected people with unsolicited advertisements and scams. ID Protect can be used on any domain registration from one of the following TLDs: […]

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Our New Mail System: Part 2

Spam is the bane of any business, clogging up your mailboxes and reducing employees’ productivity. Nerds On Site works hard every day to improve your profitability, productivity and pleasure. One way is to reduce the amount of spam you get to nothing. Effective out-of-the-box 97% spam protection is achieved with SmarterMail’s structured, multi-layer spam prevention […]

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Domain-based Reputations

One of the latest techniques in fighting spam is domain-based reputation systems, something that Nerds On Site has integrated into our systems over 2 years ago already. However, the buzz around domain-based reputation has increased significantly, with major ISPs such as Yahoo, Gmail and AOL adding such protection to their spam filters. In brief, every […]

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