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Two New Levels of Hack Protection

In a world increasingly moving to the ‘cloud’, more and more of our data is becoming vulnerable to hackers. In the past week, Facebook, Apple and two high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked, just to name 4 instances. There is no such thing as a hack-proof web server, but our team is working hard to […]

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What to do if You Become a Victim of the Canadian Police Enforcement Virus Scam

Over the past couple of weeks, Nerds On Site has had several clients contact us for help in regards to one of the latest virus scams making the rounds – the Canada Police Enforcement Virus. Here’s some information about what it is and what you need to know about how to avoid becoming a victim […]


Macs are not as secure as we thought

Apr 20, 2012
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If you own a Mac, chances are you’ve always had a good deal of comfort as it relates to the security and vulnerabilities of your Mac. If it was grounded in good security practices, that may not need to change at all, but we thought it only appropriate to point out some facts. Security cannot […]

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'Flashback' Trojan Infects 500,000+ Macs

We often see messages about updates that are available for our computer. Many simply click the ‘x’ to tell them to go away, with every intention of doing it later. Malware such as ‘Flashback’ is the reason you should do it NOW!

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Why You Should Use Online Virus Scanners

Mar 8, 2012
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By now, we’ve all learned that having a reliable antivirus program on our computers – at work or home – is a must. Countless new threats are released online every single day, which is made evident by the on-going virus database updates we see happen on a continuous basis. That being said, it’s important to […]

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'60 Minutes' Profiles Stuxnet

“Stuxnet took the world by storm two years ago. The worm was different from previous viruses: it wasn’t designed to steal money, identities, or passwords. Instead, the malware targeted the controls at industrial facilities such as power plants, inspiring talk of a top secret, government-sponsored cyberwar.” -excerpt from CNET article

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Microsoft Links to Adobe Reader Fix

How often have we seen one of these: The “Send Error Report” option after a program crash? This one after a clear case of a bug in a newly installed XP instance with a newly installed Adobe Reader X. After attempting to print, instead of the Print dialog popping up we got the standard Microsoft […]

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Skype Voicemail Scam Making the Rounds

Most of us are likely familiar with the phone scams where people pretend to be from Microsoft or whoever and try to talk the user into letting them connect remotely to their computer (I’ve only had to clean one of these so far).

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Why Would Anyone Want Access to Your Network?

I actually personally met a successful business person this week (let’s call him Bill) who admittedly didn’t care if his network was breached, until I pointed out the dangers (and I’m sure there are more)

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Shared Hosting Attacks

Since February 6, our shared hosting platform was under constant attack by malicious users intent on taking down our server. In the past two days, we suffered many hours of downtime as our team battled this issue. In the world of web development, two Content Management Systems (CMS) are very popular: WordPress and Joomla. Both […]

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