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Nerds Development Testimonials

Action Surface Rights Testimonial

Action Surface Rights Diane Sincennes “For someone who within the last couple of years has learned to use computers for more that just email, Ryan was patient and explained things at a level that I could understand and follow. Many of us grew up on party line phones and TV’s with only 3 channels and […]

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Angela Kontgen Testimonial

“Working with the Nerds On Site crew was an incredibly fluid and easy experience. The interactions back and forth were timely, respectful and so professional. This is my third website and definitely the best experience I have had so far. I loved how fast the turnaround was on this project. We are not talking months […]

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Lisa Hornung Testimonial

Lisa Hornung Lisa Hornung “Ryan was so lovely to deal with. What a treat to have someone respond as quickly as you, he and Glen did. What a delightful surprise to learn the cost of updating was as reasonable as it was. I have been stressed about this website for months and am so grateful […]

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Lynn Kaplan Testimonial

Lynn Kaplan Lynn Kaplan “It was very reassuring to use Mark Kempe’s team at Nerds On Site. I am not comfortable with technology and systems, but Marks’ team made it very easy. Mark was reassuring at every juncture. There was never a time that I felt overwhelmed. When I started to feel that way, Mark […]

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Carruther’s Nicole Insurance INC Testimonial

Carruthers Nicol Insurance App Carruther’s Nicole Insurance INC “I have been very pleased with the service and the work done by Nerds On Site. I really liked the way that you took the time to map out our objections and then to summarize it so that we all knew what would be expected. I also […]

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What Laurel Hubber had to say about Nerds Development

“Mark, many thanks to you and Ryan for your help with the latest revisions to my web site. As usual, it was a rush job from my end, and as usual, you both worked hard to ensure that everything went off without a hitch! Thanks for your reliable and friendly service, and special thanks to […]

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Sol y Costa Cargo Testimonial

“Thanks for everything you have done you really have helped me out and you have NO idea how much I appreciate you and your team. ‘ITS ALL ABOUT THE TRUST’ which you have gained in me.” Gary Fester Sol y Costa Cargo

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Kind Words from The Ageless Clinic

“Your exceptional work is much appreciated! All the people that I have worked with from Nerds have been awesome! Thank you so much! “ The Ageless Clinic

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Office Pro Testimonial

“Calling Nerds On Site was the best thing that our company did. Barry, Mark, Ryan and Rob are the best! With me requiring different needs, they all respond, fix, create and help quickly and all go above and beyond my expectations. I recommend them to everyone who needs help with any of their computer needs! […]

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What Makes Us Different

When it comes to support, we experience very good response time. Mark can decipher what I email, which is amazing. John Baxter – General Manager Canadian Tire Store 425, London, ON

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