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Internet Explorer 10 and 11: NerdsBackup Website Compatibility Issues

Both Internet Explorer 10 and 11 have compatibility issues with many websites.  The portal is just one of them.  Many of the features of the account portal do not work unless you enable the Compatibility View in Internet Explorer. This article was written by Emmet, our NerdsBackup Support Team Leader. In Internet Explorer 10 […]

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Backing Up Sage 50 with NerdsBackup

You cannot restore a Sage 50 (Simply Accounting) database from a restoration of the company file as not all of the needed data is present in that company file.  You can only restore the data from an actual backup created by the software.  The following procedure should be used for all database software with a […]

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How to use the Clean Up Wizard to Reduce your NerdsBackup storage

Your NerdsBackup cost is based on the average amount of data stored for the month.  The NerdsBackup Cleanup Wizard can be used to reduce your NerdsBackup storage. This article was submitted by Emmet, our NerdsBackup Support Team Leader. Data is never automatically removed from your NerdsBackup account.  The reason for this is because accidental deletion […]

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World Data Backup Day is March 31st! Will You Participate?

World Backup day is on March 31st – mere 2 days away! It is an annual global event reminding everyone to take some time to backup your data, and to verify existing backups are working.

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How to Update your NerdsBackup Credit Card (Video Tutorial)

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding the updating of payment information for a NerdsBackup account.  While we have written instructions here, we’ve also prepared this video tutorial.

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Backing up Financial and Medical Data in Canada

If your business is in the financial or medical fields, you may be regulated by federal and/or provincial laws that cover where you store data.  Specifically, many business operate under a requirement that their data does not leave Canada.  This may present a challenge when looking for a good off-site backup solution for your critical […]

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Resetting your NerdsBackup Password

This article was contributed by David, a member of our NerdsBackup Support Team. In the event that you can’t remember your NerdsBackup password, there’s a procedure to restore it.  Please follow the next steps: In your browser go to Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ Type in the email you used to open your NerdsBackup […]

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How to update your NerdsBackup Billing Information

From time to time you may get a new credit card for various reasons (new expiry date, original card deactivated, new credit card provider, etc.).  Please make sure that you update your NerdsBackup billing information to ensure continued, uninterrupted service. This guest post was written by our NerdsBackup Support Team Lead, Emmet Loney. Firstly, let’s […]

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Automated Local and Off-Site Backup – Because You Have Better Things to Do!

If the idea of manually going through the files on your computer and deciding what needs to be backed up, and comparing it to what you found time to back up to an external hard drive 2 months ago doesn’t exactly sound appealing – you’re definitely not alone!

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Lessons Learned: Backing up Quickbooks and Simply Accounting

We have published excellent guidelines for backing up Quickbooks and Simply Accounting data with Nerds Backup. To put it briefly, he said to use the built in backup process in the accounting program, and use Nerds Backup to make an off-site copy of the backup. This will work for any database program that has its […]

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