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Do versions take up a lot of storage space?

Not really. Before we backup a new version of a file, we compare it to the previous version and only backup the data that changed. So if you have a 50Mb mail file, and then receive 10Kb worth of new messages, we only backup the 10Kb that changed. Learn more about file versioning

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Do backups have versioning?

Yes. You can configure the number of versions you wish to keep as well as the minimum amount of time between new versions. Through the web interface, you can restore any available version of the file. Those versions may cover a month or two year’s worth of changes. It all depends on how you configure […]

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Is the software web based?

You have both a Windows Backup Client and a Web Client. The Windows client provides the backup and simple restore functions. The Web Client provides more powerful restore options and allows you to manage your online data store. The Web Client also provides advanced collaboration features such as sharing files with colleagues, mailing of very […]

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Will the backup work through my firewall?

The Backup Client was designed to be firewall friendly. If the firewall is configured to allow outgoing web traffic on ports 80 and 443 (which are required for browsers to function), the Backup Client will function correctly.

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Where is my data kept?

Your data is kept in a state-of-the-art data centre alongside the systems of several major banks. This highly secure physical infrastructure includes the latest in biometric authentication, video surveillance and round-the-clock security officers. Your data is stored at one of Acpana’s data centres and only you have access. All data stored at the data centre […]

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Can anyone else access my data?

Only if you give someone your password. Passwords are encrypted so you are the only one with access to your password. See ‘How does file-sharing work‘ to learn about how you can selectively share individual files, but not all your data, with other people.

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How secure is my data?

All data being backed up is compressed and encrypted before leaving your PC. Data is stored at the data centre in this encrypted form. Authentication traffic between your PC and the data centre is also encrypted. Restores via the web interface are protected using encryption. Nerds Backup uses only the best encryption technology available. At […]

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What folders should I backup?

When you install the software, it will automatically locate popular folders like ‘My Documents’, ‘Desktop’, ‘Favorites’, ‘Outlook’, etc. You have the ability to choose your own selections and change them at any time. We recommend you only backup data files. The system will automatically exclude Program and Operating System files. These generally don’t need to […]

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What if I have dial-up Internet?

Because backups are compressed, incremental and interruptible – they work quite well on a dial-up connection. If you have a lot of data, you may find that your initial backup takes quite some time. Rest assured that it’ll get done. Once the initial backup is done, only individual file changes have to go up. So […]

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What if the backup gets interrupted?

Backups stop and resume automatically. If you unplug your laptop halfway through backup of a large file, the backup continues where it left off when you plug it back in. This is especially useful during the initial backup, which may take some time to complete. Learn more about our backup features

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