September 21, 2010

Study shows more and more Canadians feeling helpless against cyber crimes

The problem is cyber crime and its happening everywhere!
These days more and more Canadians are feeling the burn as they helplessly fall victim to these cyber attacks. While they may come in many forms, from credit card fraud, stolen identity and computer viruses, all are equally as daunting as the other.
In a recent Windsor Star article, new studies show that 65% of Canadians have already been affected by some form of cyber attack leaving people feeling helpless and frustrated.
“We are in a digital epidemic because the majority of people feel powerless about cybercrime. Only one per cent of Canadians think they won’t be victims. We really hope to get the word out to everyone to get informed,” said Lynn Hargrove, director of consumer solutions for Symantec Canada which sells Norton products.
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Stepping in to help protect not just Canadians but people world wide stay protected and aware of incoming threats is global it solutions provider Nerds On Site. With over 15 years in the IT solutions industry and clients all over the world, there expertise is something of great value.
To help better inform the public of easy ways to stay protected from these attacks, Co-founder David Redekop and fellow Nerd Kevin Lloyd have prepare this list of things to do
Ways to Prevent Being a Victim of Online Threats
• Run Windows Update to prevent threats from attacking software flaws
• Run trusted antivirus and anti-spyware software and run scans regularly
• Don’t click links in email, even if it appears to be a trusted
source such as a friends or family
• Be careful what you click on the internet. If you’re unsure, ask a Nerd
• Don’t use file sharing networks, as they are full of viruses. Purchase content legally to avoid viruses
• Be careful of how much personal information you give to websites. If something is optional, don’t give them the information.
• When on a secure website, make sure there is a lock icon at the bottom to indicate it is secure, and https:// in the address bar at the top of the browser.
• Always have secure passwords. LastPass – – is a great free choice.
• OpenDNS protection – provides free malware protection and it truly works and is vetted by some of the industry’s best security professionals.
• Unified Threat Management protection – this can be another computer, an appliance, but it must be in every business where online transactions take place, and even in homes. Two that work well are which has a free and professional version, as well as which has a free Home version.
For more information on how to check your current system for vulnerabilities, current threats or to speak with a real life Nerd visit or call 1 877 MY NERDS begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 877 MY NERDS      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (696 3737)

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Artile: Study shows more and more Canadians feeling helpless against cyber crimes

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