June 28, 2010

St. Clair College joins forces with Tactical Marketing Solutions and Nerds On Site

In September, 2009, St. Clair College, marketing professor, Nicole Rourke, and president of Tactical Marketing Solutions, Kevin Booker, collaborated to create an assignment which would be presented to the third year marketing students at St. Clair College.  The major assignment was to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for the technology solutions provider, Nerds On Site.
Charlie Regan, CEO (Capability Expansion Orchestrator) of Nerds On Site, met with students and gave an inspirational presentation about Nerds On Site and what they have to offer.  It was then determined which student groups would tackle which markets in order to help Nerds On Site expand, both their services as well as recruiting new EntrepreNerds, internationally.
At the end of the semester, students presented their final marketing plans to Booker and Regan.  As a reward for their hard work and effort, Nerds On Site very generously donated $1000 to the Marketing Club which would help send the students to Toronto for a variety of marketing seminars at the end of the school year.
In December, the St. Clair College Marketing department implemented a new internship program for the 2010 graduating class.  Rourke discussed with Booker the potential of having interns work at Tactical Marketing Solutions.  The idea went over very well and in early February, Tactical Marketing Solutions chose the students they wanted for the internship based on impressions from the marketing presentation.  Of the class, six students were chosen to intern for the month of April.  Presently, two students have extended the internship till the end of July and are still with Tactical Marketing Solutions.
“Tactical Marketing Solutions and Nerds On Site were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work closely with St Clair College, located in Windsor, ON, first by providing a project for their Marketing Class and second by hand selecting six interns to work with us during the month of April. While we wish we could have kept all six students (and one day we may), we were able to add two of them to our team right away – Veronica Bulmer and Matt Vilamarim. And if you haven’t heard from them yet, you will soon!
We remain very confident in our decision; however that has been reinforced by the college, the faculty and their classmates. Matt was awarded the Bob Jershy award for academic strength and athletic involvement. Veronica was awarded the Faculty Academic Award, the Student Leadership Award and the Board of Governors Medal – a clean SWEEP!
Congratulations Veronica and Matt – happy to have you on our team!” Kevin Booker, President, Tactical Marketing Solutions.
“It’s always great when education and industry can partner together on a project.  Students benefit from hands on experience and feedback from a real client.  Having a diploma is no longer enough in this day and age.  Graduating students have to demonstrate that they have real world marketing experience.  Partnering with Kevin Booker was refreshing because of his commitment to student development and success.”   Nicole Rourke, Professor, St. Clair College
Veronica and Matt both work closely with Nerds On Site, helping to promote and grow the EntrepreNerd family.  The result of this internship has been incredibly valuable to the students as they are now able to enhance their real world marketing skills to round out their educational experiences.  A special thank you goes out to all who were involved in creating this opportunity for the students; Tactical Marketing Solutions, St. Clair College and Nerds On Site.


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Veronica Bulmer in Windsor Ontario, CA
June 28, 2010

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